Facts About E-Waste & E-Recycling

  • According to Environment Canada, 140,000 tonnes of electronics are sent to landfills in Canada each year. As a point of reference, in 2005 there were 156,000 tonnes of electronic waste generated in Canada.
  • By 2010, Environment Canada predicts Canadians will be producing approximately 225,000 tonnes of e-waste annually.
Source: Environment Canada

E-waste must not be discarded directly. Electronic & appliance products inevitably use chemical substances that might harm the environment. Therefore, electrical & electric products cannot be discarded as household waste but must be recycled by specialized organizations. The good news? We at Southland Technical Services LTD accept flat panel tv’s, any electronics & appliances that are no longer wanted, it’s now easier than ever to responsibly dispose of electronics in Canada with the various government approved recycling facilities.

We have partnered up with government approved E-Recycling facilities to provide e-waste recycling services in accordance with the local recycling system in Canada to ensure waste products & packaging are properly handled. Cherish the Earth, please recycle e-waste with Southland Technical Services LTD to reduce the pollutants.

What we are doing at Southland Technical Services LTD:

  • The majority of our replacement parts are reclaimed from brand new, damaged electronics goods that were on their way to an e-waste facility or worse, a landfill, without ever being used.
  • To date, we have reclaimed parts from over 5,000 plasma and LCD TVs. We break down all units to their simplest parts and recycle as much of our materials as possible.
  • All cardboard boxes are shredded into packing material, and all plastics and metals are sorted and recycled, when applicable.
  • Our technicians pull new, working components from cracked circuit boards to refurbish non-working boards, which are then sold to consumers at lower costs to repair their TV, or local vendors.

As part of our corporate initiative to be enviormentally responsible a copy of our environmental policy can be obtained here:
Southland Technical Services Environmental Policy