Laundry 101


Read The Labels

It’s important to read the care labels inside your clothes before washing them. These instructions not only indicate how to care for the garment, they often give guidance on separating loads too.

Sort Your Laundry

Sort your laundry by fabric type, color, and water temperature. Keep clothes that require hand washing or dry clean only items separate. Divide the rest into 5 piles for best results:

  1. White – everything white, underwear, t-shits, etc…
  2. Lights – including striped whites, off-whites and pastels
  3. Darks – everything dark, like blacks, blues, browns
  4. Brights – reds, yellows, oranges, fluorescent
  5. Delicates – fine linens, lingerie, some synthetic fabrics

Retreat Stains

To remove stains from dirty clothes, its best to pre-treat before you wash. Grab a bottle of HE detergent, pour a small amount onto the stain and gently rub it into the clothing. You can also try the Staincare option if your washer has it available. It utilizes multiple temperatures to attack different types of stains especially on LG washers.

After Your Cycle Is Finished

To help reduce wrinkling, fold or hand clothes as soon as possible after the dryer cycle ends. If this is not possible, slightly dampen a cloth, add it to the load, and then run the dryer for a few minutes. The moisture and heat will help the wrinkles fall out. Its also a good idea to run a cool-down cycle at the end of the drying time. All laundry items are more prone to wrinkling if left sitting in a pile when they are hot. If your washer has steam washers, this can also reduce wrinkles.

Less Tim With Your Iron

Who likes ironing? No one. The EasyIron options on LG products lightly moistens clothes to make ironing easier and more efficient.

Here Are Some Other Tips Before You Wash:

Mending any tears before washing will help prevent damage from becoming worse. Undo buttons on collars to help minimize wear along folds, and turn dark clothes inside out to help prevent fading. Washable sweaters should also be turned inside out to reduce the chance of fabric collecting in uneven clumps, or “pilling.” Check zippers, buttons, snaps, and buckles and secure them to prevent snagging.

Wash reds or new, colored garments separately the first few times. These items can bleed and stain other laundry if your not careful.