Common Issues – Repair & Troubleshooting Services – Check List – Brands We Service
“After the sale its the service that counts! & Appliances are part of your everyday life. Trust us to make sure your everyday life runs smoothly.”
Southland Technical Services offers professional oven, range and stove repair service. If you are experiencing problems with your stove or oven, it is important to bring in a professional right away. If not dealt with properly, both gas and electric stoves can become a major safety hazard. Southland Technical’s highly-skilled, factory trained and certified technicians are trained to service all major brands of oven, ranges and stoves.

Common Oven, Range and Stove Problems

Here are some items can go wrong with your oven, range and stove:
  • Doesn’t work or has no power
  • Control panel doesn’t work or is showing an error code
  • Doesn’t get up to temperature
  • Not heating
  •   Element doesn’t Work
  •   Door doesn’t lock
  •   Stove top is cracked

If you are experiencing any issues above, give Southland Technical Services a call at 403-255-9647 or book online and we will get our oven, range, and stove service specialists out as soon as possible.

Please bear in mind that if your oven, stove, or range is not working at all, it can become a major safety hazard especially if its gas and even electric ovens pose a risk as its high voltage.

Oven, Range and Stove Diagnostic and Repair

Southland Technical’s technicians are expertly trained to repair both gas and electric stoves and ranges. While stoves can reach up to 900 degrees Celsius in a self cleaning. They can often blow fuses, melt wires, burnout sensors, and circuitry. Thus, using  latest technological analysis, we will examine the systems that keep your stove working and at the right temperature, including sensors, safety fuses, control panels and coils. Our technicians are specially trained for stove repairs, including 240 volt and natural gas models.

Oven Dolley

Southland Technical uses flat service rates based on various service guides in our industry. Such guides are the Canadian Appliance Rate Guide and Calgary Appliance Rate Guide. As well as, we stick to our quotes, so you can be confident that you are paying a fair price for our expert service.
Following the service, our technicians will double check that your stove is working properly so that you can be confident that your appliance is in safe and proper order.

Things to check before calling us for Southland Technical Services

Where to find the model number?



Before you call Southland Technical Services, here are a few simple things you can try that may help with your oven, range, and stove function:

  • Due to the dangers associated with natural gas or high voltage, it is best to leave stove and oven repair to a professional. However, it’s often a good idea to check that the power is working properly and the breaker isn’t tripped. Turn the breaker off, wait 30 minutes and turn it back on.
  • Alternatively if you have sliders you may slide the range out, turn off the gas valve if one is available and unplug the appliance. Perhaps, may be even give it a good cleaning behind.Before you call us, you will also want to write down the model and serial number of the stove so that we can get your appliance service order ready.

Oven, Stove, and Range Brands We Service

Our technicians are trained with countless in-class &  factory training on all major appliance brands. Thus, no matter what make or model, you can be confident we will get the repair completed properly. We service Kenmore, Samsung, LG, Bosch, WhirlpoolGE, Maytag, and many others. Our appliance service vehicles have the all or most major parts stocked, ensuing that your oven, stove, and range repair can go seamlessly & swiftly. Most of all we have local distributors that are our partners, if we do not have the part they may have them in stock locally.

For Calgary and area oven, stove, and range repair, Southland Technical Services LTD is your number one choice for prompt, professional and expert service.
All work is guaranteed.