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In our modern world, our refrigerator is an item most of us can’t live without. Therefore by calling Southland Technical Services, you can be guaranteed that our expert technicians will have your fridge or freezer back to normal working order. Our technicians are professional, extremely courteous and most of all effective. As well as we provide the best appliance service in the Calgary area.

Common Refrigerator & Freezer Problems

Most, if not all fridges work by cooling the freezer, then using the same cold air to cool the refrigerator. While it may seem fairly straightforward, there are a number of elements that must work in conjunction to get the temperature just right.
Here are some items can go wrong with your fridge or freezer:
  • Ice build-up or over-freezing
  • Doesn’t cool properly
  • Condensation
  • Leaking water
  • Smells bad
  • Too noisy or is making strange noises
  • Ice machine malfunction
  • Doesn’t work / no power
  • Chipped or broken shelves

If you are experiencing any issues above, give Southland Technical Services a call at 403-255-9647 or book online and we will get our refrigerator service specialists out as soon as possible.

Please bear in mind that if your fridge or freezer is not working at all, you may need to throw out your food. Food can go bad within two hours and can cause food poisoning. Because your fridge or freezer is not working we will do our best to send our experts as quickly as possible.

Southland Technical’s Refrigerator & Freezer Diagnostic and Repair Service

Our highly-trained technicians have the expertise to know what to look for when diagnosing your fridge or freezer. We will look for frost patterns, type of ice build-up, condensation and/or water dripping to help pinpoint the source of the problem. Issues can range from problems with compressor or motor to ineffective seals or sensors. Our professional appliance technicians are specially trained to work with various gas compressors. We will provide you with a full diagnostic quote that will allow you to make an informed decision about repair.

Southland Technical uses flat service rates based on various service guides in our industry. Such guides are the Canadian Appliance Rate Guide and Calgary Appliance Rate Guide. As well as, we stick to our quotes, so you can be confident that you are paying a fair price for our expert service.


Things to check before calling us for Southland Technical Services

Where to find the model number?



Before you call Southland Technical Services, here are a few simple things you can try that may help with your fridge or freezer function:

  • Make sure the power is working properly by flipping the breaker off for 30 minutes and then back on to reset it.
  • Check your water filter & replace them if need be. Most filters can be purchased online or Southland Technical Services would be happy to assist you with a part order.
  • Clean the condenser coils. Remove the kick plate at the bottom or sometimes rear of your fridge and clean the coil with your regular vacuum.
  • Reset your fridge. Read your owners manual for instructions.

If your issue isn’t fixed by any of the above, give Southland Technical a call.

Please have your model and serial number handy so that we may expedite your appliance service.

Refrigerator & Freezer Brands We Service

Our technicians are trained with countless in-class &  factory training on all major appliance brands. Thus, no matter what make or model, you can be confident we will get the repair completed properly. We service Kenmore, Samsung, LG, Bosch, WhirlpoolGE, Maytag, and many others. Our appliance service vehicles have the all or most major parts stocked, ensuing that your fridge repair can go seamlessly & swiftly. Most of all we have local distributors that are our partners, if we do not have the part they may have them in stock locally.

For Calgary and area fridge repair, Southland Technical Services LTD is your number one choice for prompt, professional and expert service.
All work is guaranteed.